Creative Play Station Christian Preschool is committed to making every day a happy, productive day for your child. Our mission is to provide a warm and loving Christian place for children to be prepared academically, sociallly, spiritually for kindergarten. To learn about themselves, their friends, the word of God and Jesus as their savior. We have created an atmosphere where children are excited, enthused and challenged. We believe in a "Hands on" Thematic Learning Philosophy.  Our program is taught through touching, seeing, hearing, smelling and tasting. We believe every child is unique and should be challenged according to his/her level. We are an unique preschool that offers Rewiring the Brain literacy program, computer teaching, bible stories and Tiny Tumblers.

*We are located in Allegan MI.  We are  licensed preschools. We offer different types of classes. Our program is individualized to the development of your 3-5 year old.

Creative Play
Station Christian Preschool

Allegan: 269-673-8516
Email: Allegan